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I’ve found that The Army Painter Speedpaints provide a practical one-coat painting solution designed with resin medium, offering efficiency and depth to the colors. The range of 90 available colors, including Metallic Speedpaints, guarantees stability and versatility with quick drying times. The value, from the price of $45 to the detailed painting guide and metal mixing balls, makes these paints an excellent choice for painters of all levels seeking quality results. The set’s efficiency-boosting tools and vibrant color range make it an asset for hobbyists looking to elevate their painting experience.

Speedpaint Starter Set Overview

The Speedpaint Starter Set offers miniature painters a convenient one-coat painting solution infused with a resin medium for quick and efficient tabletop gaming and hobby projects. Priced at $45, this set from The Army Painter includes ten 18ml colors, each bottle equipped with two metal mixing balls to guarantee smooth consistency. The inclusion of a Wargamer: Monster paint brush and a detailed painting guide caters to hobbyists looking to plunge into the world of miniature painting with a thorough approach.

The one-coat painting feature of the Speedpaint Starter Set is particularly appealing to those seeking efficiency without compromising quality. With the resin medium enhancing the paint’s coverage, achieving base colors, shades, and highlights in a single coat becomes a feasible task. This not only saves time but also allows for a more streamlined painting process, ideal for those engaged in tabletop gaming or miniature painting as a hobby.

The set’s availability on platforms like Amazon, local game stores, and The Army Painter’s website makes it easily accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned Wargamer or a newcomer to the world of miniature painting, the Speedpaint Starter Set equips you with the essentials to start on your projects with confidence and convenience.

Application and Performance Evaluation

Evaluating the application and performance of Army Painter Speedpaint reveals its efficiency and versatility in achieving quality results in a single coat. The Speedpaints, with their resin medium, provide a convenient one-coat painting solution that incorporates shading, base colors, and highlights in a single application, streamlining the painting process effectively. Here are some key points to take into account:

  • The one-coat application of Speedpaints offers a more opaque coat compared to traditional paints, reducing the need for multiple layers and making it a time-saving option.
  • Tutorial videos are available to guide users on the application process, ensuring efficient painting techniques that enhance the depth and tone of the final result.
  • The matte sealant can be applied after using Speedpaint to further enhance the finish, making it suitable for various painting projects, including miniature armies.
  • The Speedpaint Starter Set, priced at $45, includes ten 18ml colors, each equipped with two metal mixing balls for consistency in color blending.
  • Army Painter Speedpaint’s efficient application and high-quality results make it a cost-effective and convenient choice for hobbyists and painters looking to achieve professional-looking finishes with ease.

Color Range and Versatility Assessment

When assessing the Color Spectrum and Flexibility of Army Painter Speedpaint, one immediately notices the broad array of 90 colors available, catering to a diverse range of project needs. This extensive selection includes soft hues, shiny tones, and new shades, offering miniature painters and hobbyists a flexible palette to work with. The inclusion of Metallic Speedpaints within this range further enriches the options available, providing unique properties that guarantee stability after 30 minutes, ideal for highlighting and detailing miniatures with precision.

Furthermore, the Speedpaint Medium plays an essential role in enhancing blending and glazing effects when working with Army Painter Speedpaints. This medium enables smoother changes and layering techniques, allowing for intricate and professional-looking finishes. Additionally, the Mega Paint Set 2.0, comprising 50 paints, stands out for its all-encompassing collection that caters to a wide range of painting needs.

A comparison chart further emphasizes the strengths of Army Painter Speedpaints when pitted against other one-coat paint brands. Remarkable features highlighted include affordability, vibrant pigmentation, and the diverse color range offered by Army Painter Speedpaints, making them a compelling choice for miniature painters seeking quality and flexibility in their paints.

Metallic Speedpaint Analysis

With an array of 10 unique colors boasting properties akin to pre-thinned airbrush paints, the Metallic Speedpaints from Army Painter offer a dynamic range of options for enhancing miniatures with quick application and lasting reactivation stability up to 30 minutes post-application.

  • The Gold tone in Metallic Speedpaints stands out for its opacity and effectiveness in creating highlighting effects, making it a popular choice among painters looking to add contrast.
  • Silver and bronze tones in Metallic Speedpaints provide versatility, with silver offering a cool-toned option for highlighting and bronze providing a warmer tone suitable for various applications.
  • The reactivation stability of Metallic Speedpaints for up to 30 minutes after application allows painters to blend and work on details without the paint drying too quickly, similar to the properties found in Citadel paints.
  • The quick application of Metallic Speedpaints makes them ideal for both experienced painters looking to speed up their process and beginners seeking an easy-to-use product to enhance their miniatures for gameplay.
  • When used strategically, the Metallic Speedpaints from Army Painter can elevate the overall look of miniatures by adding depth, texture, and a realistic metallic sheen, making them a valuable addition to any painter’s toolkit.

Value and Final Impressions

Impressed by the effectiveness and flexibility of the Metallic Speedpaints, the Army Painter’s Speedpaint Starter Set offers a compelling value proposition for miniature painters seeking high-quality results. Priced at $45, this set includes ten 18ml paints that provide shade, base color, and highlights in just one coat, saving time and effort during painting sessions. The incorporation of two metal mixing balls in each paint bottle guarantees consistent texture and application, adding to the overall efficiency of the product.

Moreover, the Speedpaint Starter Set comes with a Wargamer: Monster paint brush, known for its quality and ability to handle various painting techniques. Additionally, a detailed painting guide is included, offering valuable tips and tricks for both novice and experienced painters. These additional accessories enhance the value of the set, providing users with a thorough painting experience.

For those interested in purchasing the Speedpaint Starter Set, it is available on Amazon, in local game stores, and through The Army Painter’s website, offering convenient options for procurement. To sum up, my final impressions of the Army Painter’s Speedpaint Starter Set are positive. Its efficiency, one coat application, included accessories, and accessible purchase options make it a valuable investment for miniature painters looking to achieve professional results.

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