What is OneNerdyDad.com?

Here, we’re all about turning miniatures into masterpieces with a paintbrush πŸ–ŒοΈ, bringing your wildest 3D creations to life πŸ–¨οΈ, and making airbrushing look cooler than ever 🌬️. Plus, we craft dioramas that’ll transport you to other worlds 🏞️, and we dive headfirst into epic tabletop quests 🎲.

Come geek out with me! Together, we’ll explore, laugh, and maybe even occasionally cry (because let’s face it, painting those tiny details can be a real rollercoaster). πŸ€“βœ¨

Join me on this creative journey as I spill the paint, one dice roll at a time! Let’s make magic together. πŸ’« #MiniatureMagic #3DAdventures #AirbrushArtistry #DioramaDreams #TabletopTales #NerdAlert”

Who is Michail?

Hello, my name is Michail. I have studied Geography at Harokopio University and completed an MSc in Human Geography and Geographical Information Systems at the University of Leicester.

I’m a huge fan of Escape Rooms and founder of Escapology.gr, a website community regarding escape rooms in my home country, Greece.

Founder of M-word Web Radio, an internet radio station that covers all music genres, through interviews with Greek artists.

Member of  Greek Directors’ Guild. I have worked as the director of short-length movies, music videos, documentaries, and promotional videos. Check my profile and work at IMDB (Internet Movie Database).

I love photography and cinematography; you can see my more work at www.m-word.gr. You can connect with me on Facebook Twitter / Instagram.