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In my experience with the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2, I found its particularly valuable for miniature painters aiming for prolonged paint longevity and seamless color mixing. The palette’s design and guarantee an enhanced painting experience, which may cater to the needs of artists seeking convenience and quality in their work.

Core Everlasting Wet Palette Painter 2 Bundle

The Core Everlasting Wet Palette Painter 2 Bundle offers miniature painters a complete set of tools essential for maintaining paint quality and enhancing painting efficiency. This bundle includes the palette in Fire Red color, 15 reusable membranes, and 2 hydration foam pads. The palette features a plastic bottom tray with an airtight TPE seal, ensuring paint preservation at its best. The inclusion of 15 reusable membranes is a significant advantage as they provide better hydration and help in extending the longevity of the paint during miniature painting sessions. The 2 hydration foam pads further contribute to maintaining the ideal moisture levels for the paints, preventing them from drying out too quickly.

I found the Painter 2 bundle to be a thorough solution for artists looking to streamline their painting process. The larger size of the palette, being 20% larger than its predecessor, offers more painting surface, allowing for better organization of colors and smoother brushwork. The bundle’s wavy dry palette accessory and anti-spill holder for Citadel paint pots are thoughtful additions that enhance the overall painting experience. With the focus on reusable membranes and hydration foam pads, the Painter 2 bundle stands out as a practical and efficient choice for miniature painters seeking improved paint quality and workflow.

Alternatives to RGG Wet Palette

Among the array of wet palette options available, Masterson Sta Wet Palette stands out as a comparable choice to the RGG Wet Palette regarding size and functionality. The Masterson Sta Wet Palette offers a similar painting experience with its ample space for mixing paints and keeping them fresh for extended periods. Here are some other options to explore:

  • Army Painter Wet Palette: This option provides a cost-effective alternative without compromising on usability, making it a practical choice for painters looking for affordability and functionality.
  • WetNDri Artist Palette: Known for its durability and portability, this palette caters to different painting needs, offering a versatile option for artists on the go or those working in various settings.
  • Mijello Fusion Airtight Watercolor Palette: If you value airtight storage and the preservation of your paints, the Mijello Fusion palette is designed to keep your paints fresh and workable for longer durations, ideal for intricate painting projects.
  • DIY Wet Palette: For those inclined towards a hands-on approach, consider creating your wet palette using household items like containers and sponge layers. This customizable option allows for personalization and cost-effectiveness while still achieving the desired paint consistency.

These alternatives provide a range of choices catering to different preferences and painting requirements.

Features for Painting Miniatures

The Everlasting Wet Palette 2 offers different size options to accommodate various painting needs. Control over paint consistency is guaranteed through the airtight TPE seal on the palette’s plastic bottom tray. These features are essential for achieving precision when painting miniatures.

Palette Size Options

Offering two size options, the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2 caters to varying painting preferences and needs, providing versatility for miniature painters. The palette comes in two sizes: Painter Edition (15 x 20 cm) and Studio XL (20 x 30 cm). These options allow painters to choose based on their workspace and project requirements. The Painter Edition, priced at 29.90 Euro / £34.99 for the Complete Pack, offers a compact yet sufficient painting surface. On the other hand, the Studio XL version, costing 42.90 Euro / £44.99, provides a larger area for those working on bigger projects. Both options come equipped with essential components like hydration paper, foam pads, and magnetic Wavy palette accessories.

Paint Consistency Control

For miniature painters seeking precise paint consistency control, the Everlasting Wet Palette 2 by RedgrassGames offers a reliable solution with its innovative features designed specifically for painting miniatures. The palette allows for precise control over the paint consistency, enabling artists to achieve smooth color gradients on their miniatures. By utilizing the reusable membranes, painters can maintain their desired paint consistency over multiple sessions, ensuring predictability in paint performance and longevity. These durable hydration membranes not only aid in keeping the paint workable but also make cleaning and maintaining the palette efficient. With the Everlasting Wet Palette 2, miniature painters can enjoy consistent and controlled paint application, enhancing the quality of their painting projects.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Opening the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2, I was greeted by a vibrant orange-red cover and a sleek gray bottom tray. The packaging felt sturdy and well-designed, hinting at the quality inside. Upon first glance, the palette’s construction seemed solid and promising for my painting endeavors.

Packaging and Contents

How does the packaging of the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2 contribute to the overall unboxing experience? The vibrant and simple box design sets the stage for a pleasant unboxing experience. Inside, the package contains essential components such as:

  • Plastic palette
  • Hydration foam
  • Reusable membranes
  • Painting book

The unboxing process is straightforward, with all necessary items neatly arranged within the box. The inclusion of these components guarantees that painters have everything they need to start creating right away. The packaging not only safeguards the contents but also enriches the overall painting experience by providing a complete set of tools.

Palette Design Impressions

Upon unboxing the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2, the striking combination of bright orange-red cover and neutral gray bottom tray immediately catches the eye, setting a visually appealing tone for the first impressions. The palette features a sturdy hydration membrane that guarantees wet paint consistency, making it ideal for extended painting sessions. The reusable hydration membranes are not only easy to clean but also resistant to mold growth, maintaining a hygienic painting environment. Additionally, the palette design includes a glass palette insert for oil painting enthusiasts, adding versatility to its functionality. The backward compatibility with older versions and the locking mechanism for extra accessories further enhance the overall user experience, making this palette a versatile choice for artists seeking a reliable and innovative tool.

Ergonomics for Painting Miniatures

The ergonomic design of the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2 enhances comfort and precision for painting miniatures. This thoughtful design guarantees that painters can focus on their artistry without unnecessary strain or discomfort. Here are some key ergonomic features that contribute to an improved painting experience:

  • Ample working space: The palette’s spacious layout provides sufficient room for maneuvering brushes and accessing various paint colors easily. This larger working area allows for more intricate details to be painted with greater control and finesse.
  • Enhanced lid seal: The improved seal on the palette’s lid minimizes evaporation, keeping paints moist and workable for extended periods. This feature helps maintain the ideal consistency of the paints and prevents them from drying out prematurely.
  • Ergonomically designed add-on attachment points: The palette includes attachment points that are strategically positioned to hold brushes, paint pots, or other tools conveniently within reach. This ergonomic addition enhances accessibility during painting sessions, reducing the need to constantly reach for supplies and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Overall comfort and accessibility: The palette’s ergonomic design ensures that painters can work comfortably for longer durations without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. By prioritizing user-friendly features, the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2 enhances the overall painting experience for miniature hobbyists.

Painting Experience Insights

Exploring the painting experience with the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2 reveals insightful features that elevate miniature painting to a new level of precision and convenience. The palette’s ability to maintain paint consistency and guarantee over extended periods is a boon for achieving seamless color shifts on miniatures. This reliability guarantees that the paint behaves as anticipated, allowing for smoother shifts and more controlled layering techniques.

The durability of the hydration membranes in the Painter V2 is a standout feature that ensures lasting use without the risk of mold growth. This robustness not only extends the lifespan of the wet palette but also provides reassurance to painters that their tools will remain in top condition for an extended period. The ease of cleaning and reusability of the membranes further enhance the overall convenience and longevity of the wet palette, making it a reliable companion for miniature painters.

The focus on membrane durability and usability in the wet palette’s design underscores its commitment to providing a reliable tool for hobbyists. The seamless painting experience facilitated by the Painter V2’s membrane robustness and easy maintenance makes it a valuable asset for painters looking to elevate their craft with consistent results and smooth color shifts.

Unique Hydration Membrane Benefits

I’ll talk about the unique benefits of the hydration membrane in the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2. Understanding how efficiently the membrane retains moisture can greatly impact the painting experience. Let’s explore the technology behind the moisture retention and the practical benefits it offers to painters.

Membrane Efficiency Explained

Effectively maintaining paint hydration and consistency, the Everlasting Wet Palette V2’s unique hydration membrane offers unparalleled benefits for miniature painters. The membrane design of the Everlasting Wet Palette V2 guarantees long-lasting paint hydration and consistency. Here are some key benefits of the membrane:

  • Reusable membranes offer convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • The design prevents mold growth and preserves paint quality.
  • Cleaning is easy with just water and mild soap.
  • Durability and reusability make it a standout feature.

This membrane’s ability to maintain paints hydrated and usable over extended periods makes it a valuable tool for painters seeking efficiency and quality in their work.

Moisture Retention Technology

Maintaining ideal moisture levels for paint longevity, the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2’s Hydration Membrane guarantees consistent paint application. This innovative feature preserves moisture, preventing paints from drying out and allowing for prolonged usability. The Hydration Membrane’s unique technology enables paints to remain workable even after days of inactivity, promoting paint consistency and predictability. Additionally, the membranes are reusable and easy to clean with proper care, maintaining their durability and effectiveness over time. By preserving the moisture content in the palette, the Hydration Membrane aids in achieving smooth color gradients on miniatures, offering unparalleled benefits for hobbyists and artists seeking reliable paint performance.

Benefits of Hydration

Ensuring consistent and predictable paint application, the unique hydration membrane of the RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Palette 2 offers unparalleled benefits for achieving smooth color gradients on miniatures. The benefits of this hydration membrane include:

  • Ensuring paint consistency and predictability over extended periods.
  • Aiding in achieving smooth color gradients on miniatures without mold growth concerns.
  • Being reusable and cleaning easily with just rinsing and mild soap, maintaining durability.
  • Providing hassle-free paint application and cleanup, enhancing overall painting experiences.

With these advantages, the hydration membrane not only simplifies the painting process but also contributes to the longevity and quality of the painting results.

Cleaning the Hydration Membrane

The Hydration Membrane can be easily cleaned with water to remove paint residue, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup process. After a painting session, I found that rinsing the membrane under running water effectively removed most of the paint, requiring minimal effort. While some stains may remain on the membrane, they do not impact the usability or application of paint. To maintain peak results, it is advisable not to mix dark and light colors on these stained areas.

I appreciate the ease with which the Hydration Membrane can be cleaned, allowing for its reuse without significant complications. Despite multiple uses and washes, the membrane maintains its surface integrity, ensuring a consistent painting experience over time. This durability contributes to the overall convenience of the wet palette, making it a reliable tool for various painting projects.

Pros and Cons Analysis

With the Everlasting Wet Palette Painter 2, users can expect a significant increase in size by 20% compared to its predecessor. This larger size offers several advantages and a few drawbacks that are worth considering:


  • The improved seal design eliminates the need for an elastic band, making it easier to use and maintain.
  • The palette comes with reusable painting membranes that provide better hydration and longevity for your paints.
  • Glass inserts are available for oil paint users, adding versatility to your painting options.
  • The overall quality and durability of the Everlasting Wet Palette V2 justify its price, making it a worthwhile investment for painting enthusiasts.


  • The larger size may not be ideal for painters who prefer more compact palettes for portability.
  • Some users might find the increased size cumbersome, especially if they have limited workspace.
  • While the glass inserts offer versatility, they may not be necessary for all painters, potentially adding extra cost without significant benefit.
  • Depending on personal preferences, the price point of the Everlasting Wet Palette V2 may be considered high compared to other options on the market.

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