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Hey there! Are you tired of spending endless hours trying to perfect those intricate miniature painting techniques? Well, I’ve got some exciting news for you! Let me introduce you to the game-changer in the painting world – contrast paints.

These bad boys are here to make your life easier and take your miniatures to a whole new level. Imagine being able to achieve depth and shading in your miniatures with minimal effort. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, contrast paints are here to turn that dream into a reality.

They’ve been specially formulated to bring out all the intricate details in your models without requiring you to spend hours painstakingly layering and highlighting. So, how do these magical paints work? It’s simple, really.

Just slap on a coat of contrast paint onto your miniature, and watch as it effortlessly settles into the recesses, creating instant shading and definition. It’s like giving your miniatures a professional makeover in minutes!

You might be wondering how contrast paints came to be. Well, they’re the result of years of development and innovation in the miniature painting community. Game companies and hobbyists alike have been searching for a way to achieve stunning results in less time, and contrast paints are the answer.

Think of contrast paints as your trusty sidekick, helping you conquer the world of miniature painting with ease. They’re like the cheat codes that unlock a whole new level of painting proficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or just starting out, these paints are a game-changer.

So, are you ready to take your painting game to the next level?

Origins and Development

Contrast paints were first introduced by Games Workshop in 2019 as a revolutionary way for hobbyists to quickly and easily add depth and shading to their miniatures. This marked a significant milestone in the development timeline of miniature painting techniques.

Prior to contrast paints, achieving realistic shading and highlighting required multiple layers of paint and meticulous blending. Contrast paints, however, were designed to streamline the process by combining a highly pigmented base color with a built-in shading effect. This innovative formulation allowed hobbyists to achieve stunning results with just a single coat.

Since their release, contrast paints have gained immense popularity among miniature painters, leading to the emergence of other popular contrast paint brands in the market, each offering their unique range of colors and effects.

Benefits of Contrast Paints

One of the benefits of contrast paints is their unique formulation and properties. These paints are specifically designed to achieve highlights and enhance color saturation in your artwork.

The innovative formulation of contrast paints allows for a smooth and easy application, ensuring that every brushstroke delivers vibrant and intense colors. The high pigment concentration in these paints ensures that even the smallest details are highlighted with precision.

The unique properties of contrast paints also allow for easy blending and layering, giving you more control over the desired effect. Additionally, the quick-drying nature of these paints enables you to work efficiently and achieve faster results.

With their exceptional formulation and properties, contrast paints offer a revolutionary approach to adding depth and dimension to your artwork.

How to Use Contrast Paints

To effectively use contrast paints for your miniature painting, follow these simple steps:

  • Start with a clean and primed miniature. Contrast paints work best on a smooth surface, so make sure to remove any mold lines or imperfections before applying the paint.
  • Apply the contrast paint in thin layers. The unique formulation of contrast paints allows for easy application and quick drying. By using thin layers, you can build up the color gradually and achieve a more realistic shading effect.
  • Use a brush with synthetic bristles. Synthetic brushes are better suited for contrast paint application as they offer more control and precision. Avoid using natural hair brushes, as they tend to absorb more paint and can result in a less even application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Contrast Paints Suitable for All Types of Miniatures?

Contrast paints can be used on various miniatures, but their suitability depends on the desired effect. Different techniques, like layering and dry brushing, can enhance details. Pros include speed and simplicity, but cons include limited color range and potential for less control.

Can Contrast Paints Be Used on Different Types of Surfaces, Such as Metal or Plastic?

Contrast paints work well on various surfaces like metal and plastic. When used on fabric, they create a unique shading effect, enhancing the texture. On wood, they provide a rich, vibrant color while still allowing the natural grain to show through.

Are Contrast Paints Waterproof and Durable?

Contrast paints, known for their fade-resistant properties, offer a waterproof and durable finish. Applying them is a breeze, making them a convenient choice for those seeking innovation in their painting projects.

Can Contrast Paints Be Mixed Together to Create Unique Colors?

Yes, you can mix contrast paints together to create unique colors. By experimenting with different mixing techniques and color blending, you can achieve innovative and vibrant results for your painting projects.


In conclusion, contrast paints have revolutionized the world of miniature painting with their unique formulation and properties. They offer benefits such as simplified highlighting and shading techniques, allowing for quicker and more effective results.

By following the recommended techniques for achieving depth and shading, artists can create stunning and lifelike painted miniatures. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, contrast paints are a valuable tool that can enhance your artistic skills and bring your miniatures to life.

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